Brand Strategy Management

A brand is a pivotal strategic and financial asset to any organization. CREAVILIA utilizes a brand management approach by defining strategies, visualizing how best to manage the brand, identifying and initializing KPIs. We strive to build a strong identity, create a superior experience, and forge a lasting loyalty. We are committed to differentiating a brand from its competition, sustaining its differentiation, competitive advantage, maximizing its impact and profitability.

Strategic Planning

In the context of advertising and marketing, strategic planning is essential. Whether a brand is established or in its planning stages, knowing its market challenges creates a breath of fresh air, conducive to inspiration. CREAVILIA offers a structured way to identify the major key points and deliver understandable and effective takeaways through interactional research and in-depth interviews: market and competitors’ benchmark, synthesis, market trends report, ethnography study, and enlightening case stories.

B2C Marketing Strategy

A brand belongs to its clients, but initially, it must be wisely originated, and not abandoned to the market’s will. CREAVILIA envisions ideas that embody a difference, and generate more than a passing effect. It must be sustainable, evident, and strong enough to support a company’s future developments. Once the concept is created, examined, and ironclad, CREAVILIA imagines and presents the whole brand universe in a concrete and structured manner.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Building strong customer relationships with other organizations or businesses, as opposed to individuals or households, requires specific knowledge and techniques. With vast experience acquired from working for and with global and industrial companies, CREAVILIA is well-versed in these various market models. Our expertise in targeting specific stakeholders helps build powerful B2B brands.

Marketing Direction

Once the different strategies are conceived, concisely formulated, and applied to the fundamental supports, CREAVILIA implements a progressive and recurrent follow-up plan. Acting as an integrated and dedicated marketing manager, CREAVILIA advises your organization as if we are a part of your in-house team. This reliable, dedicated, and flexible expertise is a powerful asset for any organization.

Technology & Innovation Watch

Trends and tendencies in technology and innovations change and advance quickly, requiring a proactive approach. CREAVILIA uses specific processes for examining a targeted market and broadens horizons with new inspiration sources, which aids in fostering a leadership mindset. We provide periodic regular insight and updated synthesis. We offer our clients to stay informed about technological breakthroughs, find potential partners, clients, and market opportunities.

Startup Marketing

Entrepreneurship in the beginning stages is an exciting and magical experience for any startup, but being a newcomer to marketing requires following essential steps for success. CREAVILIA develops a customized and well-structured methods for each project, and explains in a pedagogical way the crucial phases that must be followed for each project, regarding its resources, and its environment.

Startup Early-stage & Funding Mentoring

Starting a company means beginning with a short team and limited resources. Having a revolutionary algorithm may not be sufficient to ensure success in the go-to-market phase. CREAVILIA helps maximize opportunities as an inspirational guide during the marketing approach. Through thematic meetings, progressive follow-up and regular action plans, CREAVILIA mentors its clients to attain their business goals.

Powerful Presentations

Every meeting is an opportunity to shine and promote the brand. CREAVILIA conceptualizes a message and creates amazing graphical presentations to promote a company during meetings with clients, partners, roundtable demos, and trade fairs. From the initial brief to building a presentation from the ground up, to copywriting, charts and diagram creation, to the final creative touches, CREAVILIA brings added value and transforms a basic document or concept into a powerful sales tool.

Project Management

For any marketing action such as a website creation, a product launch or a social media campaign, CREAVILIA manages outsourced partners and acts as an integrated project manager. Negotiating quotes and delivering the best content and design possible, we work to provide our clients with the highest quality possible, in a timely manner. We understand back-office processes, adapt quickly to a company’s guidelines, and ensure a tangible result.

Individual Coaching

Upon request.