It is so true about the saying “Hire people who are smarter than you”. Utilizing the branding and marketing talent of Berengere from the early stage of our business venture proved to be effective in getting our start-up off the ground. (…) We found Creavilia to be the best to formulate and articulate our particular niche in the growing spa industry. (…) As a small business owner, I appreciated how every step was out-lined in a presentation form, expectations were elaborated in a timeline format, and follow-up discussion notes were provided. These notes proved beneficial not only as a reference tool but as a means of realizing the return-on-investment using her services. One indispensable aspect of her company was that they are a wonderful resource in comparing the many facets of creating a marketing plan. It was indeed a pleasure working with her in helping create our brand and will look forward to future projects that will help evolve our business.
— Karen Fernandez, Spa Director - FRAIS SPA, Los Angeles
Berengere not only has excellent skills in her professional field, she is also a great person to work with. Very good to understand your needs, she will guide you in a very cohesive way towards what your company needs to succeed.
— Lola Ohlala, Director - CABARET VERSATILE, Los Angeles
Berengere has a strong marketing background and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she’s shared very creative ideas. I recommend her.
— Philippe Falliex, CEO Startup Founder – ZOOMYOO, Los Angeles
Working with Berengere is a real pleasure and benefits. She has the ability and gift to ask the right question that will allow us as Founder & CEO or CMO to grow into our vision. She makes the most amazing presentation I ever experienced even at L’Oréal and others! She has a sense of design and strategic thinking that make the full concept desirable and understandable. I highly recommend to hire Berengere’s services.
— Julie Hasson, Founder, CEO and Advisor in Conscious Capitalism & Digital, Los Angeles
I recently started to work with Berengere on improving and developing my marketing strategy and communication. Berengere has been a fantastic resource and did a remarkable job preparing benchmark market / competitors, strong analysis, strategic recommendations and a sophisticated action plan. I’ve been very impressed so far and I can’t wait for us to move forward with the implementation. Thank you Berengere! :)
— Jean-Baptiste Rugiero, Estates Agent - THE AGENCY, Beverly Hills
Berengere is a great marketing and communications advisor. She delivered insightful presentations to our team and gave interesting advice about our startup strategy. It was a real pleasure working with her.
— Thibault Mathieu, Digital Development Manager, Co-Founder – WESAWIT, Los Angeles