Honesty is a serious matter, especially when it comes to marketing. In an era where virtually everything is connected (or in the process), honesty is crucial in maintaining a trusting relationship between brands and customers.

But more than that: “For customers already bombarded with information, a great customer experience is becoming baseline.” (D. Newman, Forbes) Whether it’s telling a compelling story (say what you do), or designing an experience that perfectly illustrates your philosophy (do what you say), always keep in mind that every detail must been precisely thought out. Truth is paramount. Authentic, honest marketing may be the most reliable and accurate way of creating a long-lasting brand story.


  • “Authenticity is one of the ways consumers assign value and navigate choice.” (B.Cook)
  • Millennials - a fourth of the entire population - believe that advertising is all spin and lacks authenticity. (Forbes)
  • 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news. (Forbes)
  • There are eight key values which comprise authenticity. They are:  the abilities to be genuine, original, unique, expert, visionary, passionate, honest, and finally integrity. (Firefish Study)
  • Building trust with consumers is key, and authenticity must run through every fiber of your business to achieve sustainable, lasting success.


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