Whether it is to define your next entrepreneur project, business model, social media campaign, or imagining what you will offer to your clients, it is important to look after breakthrough ideas and exclusive concepts. The main benefit is that you will stand out from the crowd and will create a specific value: people will perceive a real difference, something that makes you unique.  

The major advice is to stick to it. Creativity is allowed, even highly recommended, but once it has given birth to an original project, business model, campaign concept, or innovative offer, it is far more important to remain consistent with it.

Too many people still think that once you did or created something good, everything else will follow: that’s not true. Every detail, from the client experience to the way your brand expresses itself must be carefully thought, designed and delivered, in order to follow a precise direction, and most of all, guarantee an overall coherence.


  • Only 59% people report a clearly articulated brand essence: the issue regarding brand cohesion is not centered on having a defined brand position, but expressing it.
  • Although most executives indicate that their company has a clear way to create value, 54% say that this way is not understood by customers and employees.
  • A coherent company may be defined as having a “deliberately close alignment among its strategic direction, its most distinctive capabilities, and most or all of its products and services.”
  • Companies that rate highly on coherence — those whose executives report that their strategy, capabilities, and product offerings are in sync — consistently outperform others.


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