And the Tech Tour begins!

After four years located in California, working for clients in USA and France, we have decided to expand our horizons.

Innovation is everywhere. With a favorable political context in France, and with the French Tech network spreading its influence throughout the world, we think this is the right time to travel and see how innovators and disrupters are trying to reinvent their markets, elsewhere. This will be a fabulous opportunity for our clients to benefit from a proactive innovation watch featuring new insights and potential ideas for partnerships, always aiming to better serve their strategy.

I will also add a personal mission to this business trip: encouraging women entrepreneurs in tech, attending conferences, and tweeting everything that can help them be more confident and thrive. My goal is to build a powerful workshop to help reach this ambition: having more female entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Nothing will change for our clients. These travels will take a few days per month, and we will be as dedicated as we are now, to deliver our best level of service. You may notice a change of background during our Skype calls as we may call from Berlin or Barcelona. Other than that, we will still be present regularly on American soil. But you will have an even more international partner. We think this is worth all plane trips and jetlag.

We’ll give you regular updates; stay tuned, it’s gonna be great!


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